Why Should You Not Be A Part of Marijuana Consumption and Safeguard Yourself from It

Although marijuana has been known to have medicinal properties, it is not something you should indulge in only because of your fun and addiction purposes. Many arguments are debating the benefits and harmful aspects of marijuana, the underlying fact is that you should not use it until it has been suggested to you by a doctor. There are many natural substances present in marijuana and how that plant is toxic, the Youth Prevention on Marijuana Summit is a noble initiative to educate people on how they should not use or recommend anyone else with marijuana. 

The following reasons will entail you on how you should forbid on using such drugs at all. 

  1. It consists of carcinogens: since marijuana is going to be smoked by the user, it is therefore suggested to not indulge in smoking marijuana. It is It consists of carcinogens that in severe cases can result in cancer as well. 
  2. It can cause lung damage: People who smoke marijuana very frequently, suffer from the risk of lung damage as well. Your respiratory system is damaged due to smoking which is equivalent to the damage caused by smoking 5 cigarettes. 
  3. You might get addicted to it: Marijuana consists of addictive substances that can make you get hooked to it. Once hooked, it will be really difficult for you to skip it and find a road out of marijuana. 
  4. It can destroy your ambition: It can destroy everything that you have dreamt of and make you be under intoxication for the rest of your life.