Attend a Knowledgeable Session Organized By the Social Workers of Canra

With crimes against children sky-rocketing, it has become really important for people to indulge in the serious concerns of protecting their children. A lot many child protection case conferences are being organized currently, to enlighten people about the health, safety, and happiness of children and how to safeguard them from child abuse and neglect. A good conference by the name of a Mandated reporter for child abuse and neglect- December training. If you as a parent are educated about how to take care of your children, you can not only safeguard them but you can spread the good word to other parents as well. 

This event is being organized by the Monterey County Department of Social Services which invites people, staff partners and parents to be a part of the conference and engage in collaborative learning and understanding of child abuse and neglecting reporting act (CANRA)

If you are still unsure as to why you should be a part of the conference, then the following reasons will make you understand why you should do it. 

  • it will help you to identify the indicators of child abuse and neglect. 
  • summarize the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act       
  • understand the five types of child abuse or neglect 
  • Learn how to make a mandatory report to the child protection hotline and the local child welfare agency as well. 
  • Learn your role as a mandated reporter for child abuse and neglect 
  • Recognize when should a mandated report for suspected child abuse or neglect should be made.