2020 The Monterey Beer Festival is a Blessing for Beer Lovers

Quality Inn Salinas Oct 08, 2020

Are you one of those buddies who love to chug beer? if yes, then you have to be the part of 2020 Monterey Beer Festival. It is an annual event, with many breweries and vendors! This year, people can participate in various contests and games. It is amazing for all the beer lovers. One of the thoughts that will come your mind when you plan for attending this event is finding the nice hotel. If you are searching for a nice hotel, then your search will terminate at Salinas Quality Inn. The whole staff of this hotel comprehends the existing situation of the world. Hence, all the necessary initiatives are taken to keep the guests safe from COVID-19.

Let’s throw light on some tips that will help you to evade problems.

#1 Inform the hotel before your reach

Instead of suddenly arriving at the hotel, it makes a good idea to inform the hotel before you reach at the hotel. Also, it is recommended that you book a hotel before the check-in date. It will allow the hotel staff to keep the hotel room ready for you only, otherwise many people complain about not getting a room.

#2 Do not forget to ask about the available amenities

Even after booking the hotel room, most of the people forget to consider the amenities that they are going to obtain. Whether you are going to utilize those facilities or not, it’s good to know where you are spending your hard-earned money.